Auto Show Paris 2008

Most people go to Paris to see the sights, but if you ever have the privilege of being there when the automobile show is on you will also find it to be a most impressive sight as well.

This year in 2008 was not a disappointment to anyone. Those who attended got all that they paid for and much more.

Most everyone likes to know what the future holds, and seeing the 2009 cars is a treat indeed. One that has to be mentioned of course is the 2009 Ferrari California. Once you laid your eyes on this beauty it put you into the instant mode of dreaming of winning the lottery, and the purchase of this car would be the top of the list of things to buy. Prices were speculative but one can only imagine what the price tag will be on this baby.

Stepping back into reality one has to admit from a practical and economic point of view the 2009 Smart For Two EV, really has it all. It certainly seems to be most favored from the ladies point of view. Perhaps because it is so compact, that parking it would be a breeze, and most likely with a car this size parking spots would be far more common.

This very attractive looking vehicle made its debut at the Paris auto show, but had been revealed prior to that. It uses a lithium ion battery so its not hard to tell why its so economical, particularly with the cost of fuel in today’s economy. The time hasn’t quite arrived for the technology that this car has to offer, but it does give one a taste of what’s to come in the future of the automobile industry.

Its interesting to note that there are many automobile shows that take place right around the world. Each one of them is unique in what they have to show and how they present the industry. No matter where the show is being held, the automobile shows never seem to fail to hold the interest of those who attend and to create a atmosphere of excitement. There is something intriguing about roaming amongst those magnificent automobile creations all decked out in their gleaming colors. The Paris automobile show organizers can certainly be proud of the venue that they offered their exhibitors and audience.

Young people seem to be gaining more interest in attending the automobile shows. Most likely because its something that will partake in their future, once they become of driving age.

For the practical and the budget conscious drivers there was keen interest in the new Volkswagen GRI. This is technically still being classed as a concept and is not officially in production, but based on the attention it received there is little doubt that it won’t be in the near future.

At a special event prior to the start of the Paris Motor Show, Volkswagen brought out the newest version of its classic hot hatchback, the GTI. While still being called a concept by VW, the new GTI looks ready for production.